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Instructor Training FAQs

What is Hula Dancercise?

Hula Dancercise is a new, innovative and exciting combination of Hula Hooping and Dance. This unique style of workout incorporates bespoke fitness exercises as well inspired choreography based on a wide variety of dance genres. Hula Dancercise workouts with a Weighted Fitness Hoop will increase core muscle mass, improve balance and coordination, whilst achieving a full body workout. This style of workout creates challenging and effective training for every individual, providing a new, thrilling experience of incorporating dance drills and finalising the class with a set choreography.


Are there any prerequisites to undertaking the Training Course?

You must be an experienced hula hooper with over 3 months practice. It is recommended to attend a Hula Dancercise online class in advance if you are unsure of the teaching level required. 

Optional - Level 2 or Higher Fitness Qualification 
Optional - Recognised Dance/Hula Fitness Qualification

Do I need a fitness qualification to train with Hula Dancercise?

It is not mandatory for you to have a professional qualification to successfully graduate from the Hula Dancercise instructor training. However it is your responsibility to be aware of the necessary requirements, qualifications or licensing requirements needed to teach a specific fitness class. Each country may have their own different regulations and you should make yourself aware of these.


Why should I do this course?

The primary aim of this course is to support YOU, aspiring Hula Dancercise instructors, to successfully understand the history and health benefits behind hula hooping for fitness and through this training we will provide you with the tools required to run a safe and effective Hula Dancercise class. This includes face to face and online classes, as well as having the knowledge of how to successfully market and deliver classes in your local area. We firmly believe a new market for Weighted Hula Hoop and Dance Fitness has come to life through Hula Dancercise. No other established Hula Hoop Fitness class provides the dance training and choreography our CEO Rachel has trained and specialised in over the years.

How do I sign up for the training?



How much is the training fee?


Do I need to pay for shipping?

For International learners (outside of the UK), you will be required to pay for shipping to receive your free Hula Dancercise Weighted Fitness Hoop.

After completion of the course, all instructors will be required to pay for shipping of discounted Weighted Fitness Hoop orders.

How long does the training take?

There are four modules within the Hula Dancercise Instructor Training. It is recommended that you spend up to one week on each module. For the Exclusive Training Course, this must be completed within 12 weeks. Please contact us if you require any extensions to support your learning.

How is the training taught?

The Hula Dancercise Instructor Training is a hybrid learning approach. You will have access to the manual or "Hula Dancercise Bible", as well as online training led by Rachel, CEO of Hula Dancercise. There will be a range of interactive activities to take part in and homework to complete along the way. This training is available to do in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace (up to 12 weeks access). As it is digital anyone from anywhere in the world can access it!


Can I teach Hula Dancercise worldwide?

Yes it can be taught by anyone, anywhere across the world. Please note, all resources and training are in English.

Will I get a certificate after the training?

Yes, upon successful completion of the Hula Dancercise assessment.


What happens if I don’t pass straight away?

You will be given detailed feedback from our Expert Trainer on how to improve your assessment submission. We are always at hand to support you in your journey to become a Hula Dancercise Instructor.


Can I get a refund on the course?

No, the course fee is strictly non-refundable at any point in time. If however you need to put your training on hold due to personal reasons please contact us so we can support you.


Are there any additional costs after I do the training?

Once you have completed the course you have the opportunity to join the Hula Dancercise Academy (HDA). The HDA is the home for continuous learning, support and development for Certified Hula Dancercise Instructors as a continued Member. The HDA has monthly and yearly payment options. Find more information here:
The HDA is a community for the Hula Dancercise Instructors to be a part of after graduation to continue to grow within the brand. There are monthly and yearly payment plans.


Do I need to join the Hula Dancercise Academy to Teach Under the Hula Dancercise Brand name?

Yes, it is compulsory if you wish to teach our Programs. Payment of your Monthly License Fee via Direct Debit grants you a non exclusive, non transferable License to use Hula Dancercise Resources (Choreography, Resources & Trademarks) and perform the Specified Services for the Program/s that you wish to teach, subject to the Terms and Conditions set out in the “Instructor Agreement.” The License Fee is strictly non-refundable. It is your responsibility to manage your License Fee payment and cancel it. Hula Dancercise will not provide any compensation or refunds for License Fees that have been deducted from your account, whether or not you are teaching.


How do I access the Hula Dancercise branding and Marketing materials?

All of this and more is available in the HDA after registration. All of this will support you to get your word out regarding your classes and to sign clients up!

Where do I buy hula hoops and clothing for my classes? 

Instructors will receive a set % off Hula Dancercise hoops and merchandise which will be accessible from the HDA.


How do I cancel my membership to the Hula Dancercise Academy?

You can cancel your membership within the My Account area of your profile. If you require any support please contact us

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